30 Eylül 2019

15th TÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition, which has been organized biennially by the TÇMB since 1987 and is one of the most important gatherings of the sector worldwide, where latest developments in the cement technology is shared, will be held in Antalya-Belek between the dates of 8-11 October. TÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition, which has been held biennially by the TÇMB since 1987 and contributes to the sector greatly, will be held for the 15th time this year with the main theme of “Towards Circular Green Economy and Digital Transformation”. The technical seminar will bring together the great and the good of the sector in the area of circular economy, which has been of particular importance for the European Union in the recent years, under the subtitles of energy recovery from urban solid wastes, Industry 4.0, Innovative production technologies, Industrial Symbiosis and Zero Waste. Starting on October 8th, 15th TÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition will continue until October 11th with an extensive programme. The technical seminar will commence with the speech by the TÇMB Deputy Chairman Suat Çalbıyık at the event to be inaugurated by the TÇMB Chairman Dr. Tamer Saka. CEOs of the World Cement Association and Russian Cement Association will appear at the opening with their speeches. More than 20 technical presentations will be delivered by approximately 600 participants of the seminar, where 130 national and international firms will take place with their stands. With the theme of this year, the seminar aims to allow for the sector and suppliers to share new project and innovative ideas in our day, during which the circular economy and digital transformation works are in intense progress. The seminar, main theme of which is “Towards Circular Green Economy and Digital Transformation”, aims to emphasize circular economy that is more sustainable than the linear economy, which is based on the principle of “take-make-dispose”, in terms of the protection of the environment and the need for reduction of waste generation. In this cycle; emphasis is placed on reducing resource use and operating the system in the most efficient manner based on waste generation minimization. In addition, it is expected to contribute to the green transformation of our living spaces with products manufactured with efficient and environment-friendly equipment and systems that give importance to occupational health and safety. For detailed information on the Technical Seminar and Exhibition, please visit