15th TCMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition Ended

21 Ekim 2019

The 15th TÇMB Technical Seminar and Exhibition hosted 232 Turkish and foreign companies and 611 participants in the city of Antalya. The 15th TÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition organized on October 8-11 with the participation of 232 local and foreign companies.

The TÇMB event is one of the most important meeting in the sector at as global scale, and serves as a platform for the showcasing of the latest advances in cement technologies. The theme of the 15th TÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition, which has been organized biannually by TÇMB since 1987 and makes considerable contributions to the industry, was “Towards Circular Green Economy and Digital Transformation”. Addressing various sub-themes, including Energy Recovery From Solid Urban Waste, Industry 4.0, Innovative Production Technologies, Industrial Symbiosis, and Zero Waste, the technical seminars are attended by major players from the industry specialized in circular economy – which has recently become one of the key priorities of the European Union. 

In his opening speech at the 15th International TÇMB Technical Seminar and Exhibition, pointing out that the cement industry was contributing to sustainable economic growth with full awareness of its environmental responsibilities, Suat Çalbıyık, Deputy Chairman of the Board of TÇMB, noted: “Within the framework of the program to combat climate change, we have reached, without any incentives, a total installed capacity of 130 megawatts owing to the 23 waste heat energy production lines established in 14 of the factories of our members. In this way, our factories are able to meet their own electricity demand – which corresponds to a daily consumption of approximately 520.000 households – using only the waste heat from our processes. I am also happy to let you know that this waste heat has allowed us to reduce our annual carbon dioxide emissions by almost 297.000 tons, and hence, to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by a figure equal to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 150,000 trees in a year.” He went on to say: “In 2018, our industry continued to contribute to the national economy by producing approximately 71 million tons of clinker and approximately 75 million tons of cement in a total of 74 facilities, 55 of which are integrated facilities and 19 of which are grinding facilities.” Employing 19,000 people and with a high export volume, the Turkish Cement Industry contributes an important share to gross national product (GNP).

Presently, the Turkish cement sector ranks first in Europe and fourth in the world in terms of production.” Suat Çalbıyık thanked the participants at the end of his speech and concluded with the words of Rumi: “If the mature one owns the Word, the table of ingenuity and truth is laid, that table has all kinds of meal. Everyone finds their food there.”