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Kastamonu Concrete Road Applications Seminar
With the preparation of the "Concrete Roads Technical Specifications" by the General Directorate of Highways, the "concrete road" applications, which have become increasingly prevalent in Turkey, have been discussed in Kastamonu with the participation of representatives from different municipalities. Kastamonu Governor Yasar Karadeniz, Mayor Tahsin Babaş, General Secretary of Provincial Special Administration Tahir Zafer Karahasan and TÇMB Ceo İsmail Bulut, as well as Kastamonu Public Administrators, Kastamonu and District Governors, District Mayors, Provincial Special Administrative Authorities and academicians also participated in the seminar.

Concrete Road Use Saving Billion Dollars to the Country’s Economy

Concrete roads, used for over 100 years in the World, continue to be by preferred many municipalities in Turkey for 10 years due to its advantages such as long life, low construction cost, being produced by own resources, being national, carrying a higher traffic load compared to alternative roads, lighter color and therefore reducing the need for road lighting.

The governor of Kastamonu Yaşar Karadeniz, who said that concrete road application should be made in Kastamonu pointed out that they would have increased the duration of the 2-month study to at least 9 months when applied to the concrete road application. Mr. Karadeniz said: “We have 9 thousand 600 kilometers of village road network in Kastamonu. If we try to repair the previously constructed and damaged surface coating roads, it is impossible to construct a new road. For this reason, we had to produce alternative solutions. I have already seen concrete roads in village roads in Trabzon. We came up to this seminar with the question ‘How can we apply this in Kastamonu?’ Our goal here is to teach our technical staff how to make concrete road applications. We should also train our technical staff in this direction. As of 2018, we will do this seminar with our thought that we will make our roads in the investment program.”

Concrete Roads Provide Competition
CEO of TÇMB İsmail Bulut said: ”16 billion TL of Turkey's budget goes to road every year. This corresponds to 30 percent of the total budget. We spend a lot of Turkey's wealth in ways. We have worked on how we can develop an alternative to village and municipal roads, and we have come to the conclusion that the road with compacted concrete (RCC) road technique, which we can meet with the mines existing in our country, is much cheaper, without using any products based on imports. The roads we recommend are those that require repair after 20 years, wear plates of 5 centimeters in thickness and can be used for another 20 years. The most important alternative that we can offer to reduce the current deficit in order to reach the targets of Turkey's 2023 and 2030 is to fill the road with compacted concrete (RCC).”


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