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12th TÇMB International Technical Seminar & Exhibition held in Antalya
Eklenme tarihi: 02 ARALIK 2013 - Okunma Sayısı: 2531
12thTÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition organized by Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association with the aim of sharing current developments in cement industry  since 1987 was held in Gloria Golf Resort Hotel, Antalya, Turkey between the dates of October 08-10, 2013.

Main topics of the seminar are Energy Efficiency and Environment, Waste Heat Recovery Applications, Atıklar ve Alternatif Yakıtlar, Atıktan Türetilmiş Yakıtlar (RDF). 20 technical papers were presented and 70 companies and 440 participants attended the Seminar.
Mustafa Güçlü, Board Chairman of Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association, made an opening speech and said “Turkish Cement Sector with over 100 years experience, holds the first rank in Europe and  the fifth in the World by means of production volumes with its 49 integrated and 19 grinding plants, 68 production plants in total. Cement industry, one of important player of construction industry which is the locomotive sector of Turkish economy makes exports to 90 countries.”
Turkish cement industry showing upward trend in the beginning of 2013 increased by 13% and realized as 29 million tons in the 1st half of the year when compared to the last year figures. Cement consumption per capita is 765 kg in Turkey 500 kg in the world and 365 kg in Europe. 7 plants in Turkey benefits from waste heat recovery applications and studies of the ohter plants still continue.

Guiding principle of cement industry is environmental, economic and social sustainability. Cement plants obtained all required environmental permits. Cement manufacturers have invested in continuous environmental monitoring and measuring devices, and environmental and occupational safety management systems are in place at most production facilities. In addition, a number of cement works have upgraded their dust filtration systems with the latest equipment, enabling improved dust control efficiency.
In the 2nd century, we will increase the investments facilitating low energy use in cement production adopting more efficient role in the development and environmental respect. New steps were taken for efficient use of energy resources. With this purpose, our studies and applications on alternative fuels and energy recovery continue. In brief, important projects process began and the investments in compliance with international norms will continue.
As it used to be, we will continue to work with constructive and alternative methods in the issues such as eliminating obstacles of waste fuel use, preventing unqualified and non-standard ready mixed concrete manufacture, having public support that we require for the fulfillment of environmental responsibilities and tackling with climate change within the framework of Kyoto Protocol said Mr.Güçlü and expressed that cement industry is ready to obtain all rubbish of municipalities.
Koen Coppenholle, CEO of CEMBUREAU, of which TÇMB has been member since 1972, gave a speech in the opening session and shared information about European cement industry, developments on the issues such as environment, energy, sustainability and the relations between EU and cement industry.

At the seminar where state-of-the-art technology was shared with European and Turkish examples, Jean-Marie Chandelle, the previous CEO of CEMBUREAU, made a presentation themed “ Future of cement and concrete and sustainability in cement industry”, then, Stefan Shaefer, from German cement industry (VDZ) gave information about sustainability, energy recovery projects and ECRA (European Cement Research Academy).

The seminar was completed with Gala Dinner with broad participation on October 10, 2013.


SC Endüstri A.Ş. Gala Dinner
ABB Opening Cocktail
Somer International Seminar Bags and Documents
KÜMAŞ Manyezit İşletmeleri Seminar Lunch
Aerzen Makine Networking Cocktail
Yünel Elektromekanik Refreshment Breaks
İdea Yapı Kimyasalları Lanyards
Schneider Electric Session sponsor
Körfez Döküm Session sponsor
Kontek Otomasyon Session sponsor

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