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TÇMB Met with Taner Yıldız, Minister of Energy
Eklenme tarihi: 11 KASIM 2014 - Okunma Sayısı: 3243
Authorities from Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association visited Taner Yıldız, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources for the purpose of evaluating achievements of past 100 years of cement industry  and for exchanging information regarding new year’s regulations.

Mustafa Güçlü, TÇMB Board Chairman, Celal Çağlar, Deputy Chairman of TÇMB Oğuz Tezmen, General Coordinator of TÇMB and some members of the Board of TÇMB stated their ideas about the problems and expectations of cement industry in respect to energy efficiency, high energy prices, mining law application regulations and waste management.
Authorities from TÇMB adopting a pioneering role in Turkish cement industry stressed the fact that 65 percent of total industry costs are generated by energy with 40 percent of fuel, 25 percent of electricity. Representatives also emphasized that the industry is affected adversely by the new electricity tariffs, especially the price surge by 46,1 percent in night tariffs.

Expressing expectations about energy saving, Mustafa Güçlü, TÇMB Board Chairman, shared his views on facilitating industrial demands such as licence, permission, time extensions etc. by state institutes, drawing attention to cement manufacturers eventually reaching the level of power generators with the investments on waste heat recovery units and alternative fuel installations.” To provide sustainability in mining and mining-related industries having operating licenses in Turkey, protecting vested rights such as permission, licence, incentive, time extensions,raw materials, plant and quality assurance requires for great sensitivity and the industry needs government supports to assure stability in operations” said Mustafa Güçlü.

Turkish cement industry with 20 thousand tons of production capacity in 1911, achieved over 66 million tons of  production at its centenary anniversary, became leader of Europe in production and exports and ranked fifth largest cement producer in the world.

Leaving 100 years behind, Turkish cement industry takes a leading part in extending sustainable growth being conscious of environmental responsibilities and continues its economic growth. Under the guidance of TÇMB, cement is produced in accordance with law and regulations with regard to environmental directives such as particularly flue gas emissions,sewage discharges, soil pollution prevention, waste minimization and disposal.



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