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As a non-governmental Organisation Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association has undertaken the mission of sustainable development on behalf of the Turkish cement industry  and  supported the education of qualified manpower to create new business areas  in the framework of celebration of 50th anniversary of its foundation.The construction started on April 29, 2008. TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, 2010/2011 school term started the education.
Beginning the first day of the education, together with students, parents, teachers, a ceremony was held with the participation of officials from the Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association. Speaking at the ceremony school Director Mehmet Ali Acar, addressed the students and their parents stating the importance of being a student in such  a school with a lot of specialities, "For this unique and extraordinary school donoured to the Turkish National Education,I like to thank to the Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association on behalf of state and students . All together, not existing in any other state school;  gym, conference hall, laboratories, music-painting rooms, a library, a fully equipped information and communication classes, internet access and 30-student classrooms, a canteen, dining hall, seminar rooms, workshop units are designed very professionally . In short, now  undoubtedly the best of present technical and industrial vocational high schools is starting the education. " he said.
Following Acar took the floor  the Chairman of the  Executive Committee for Education of TÇMB Nuri Yeşilyurt and stated that to create new business areas for the Turkish young generation is among the industry's most important agenda items and also to cover the need for  "competent human resource"  to meet the needs.Nuri Yeşilyurt also noted that he is happy to participate the ceremony on this occasion of  TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School  to start education, "As you all know, our country is experiencing a serious shortage of qualified manpower. On one hand the growing unemployment problem of the  young population,on the other hand the difficulty of finding qualified staff especially for business and industrial  world of ours, the existance of  vocational schools and vocational high schools makes it even more important to cover our needs. Today the reality is that vocational school graduates can easily find jobs while there are thousands of young unemployed university graduates.Thus, Vocational  Schools and Vocational High Schools make up the backbone of the industry  in terms of providing such training  and establishing training institutions. This issue with the educational sector, the joint efforts of industry and cooperation are of great importance. " he said.
After the opening speeches TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School  first class bell rang and students started for their classes .

TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, 2010/2011 school year with  the quota set by the Ministry of Education for the 9th year classes, covering
5 Vocational , 1 Anatolian Vocational and 1 AnadoluTechnical High School started at 7 different classes with 30 students in each class .
TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School Features:

A total of 21 thousand square meters of land allocated by the Governorship of Istanbul for the school, with 15,304 square meters of construction site where the architectural and engineering design with equal quality and features.

TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School at 17 classrooms has a capacity of 510 students, Music and Painting Classes with Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Foreign Language Laboratories; cement, concrete, masonry, mechanics, iron and wood workshops, and Conference Hall for 450 people Indoor Sports Hall is located in the regular scale.




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