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Opening of TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School
Eklenme tarihi: 02 NİSAN 2010 - Okunma Sayısı: 4037

Vocational high schools and technical schools are important for the training of intermediate work force which constitute the back bone of an industry and this is an area where the industry and the education sector should cooperate in joint effort.
For years, Turkish cement sector has adopted the model of  sustainable development  and Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÇMB) has been conducting programs to train young persons so that the sector could provide them with more job opportunities.

In this context, TÇMB contributed to the realization of another first: Establishment of the
first “Cement Technical and Industrial Vocational high school” in the country, helping  the training of the high school youth and preparing them for the professional life.

At a meeting held for the occasion of presenting  the TÇMB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School to the press, which was built by TÇMB to commemorate its 50th Anniversary and will be handed over to the Ministry of Education, Adnan İğnebekçili President of TÇMB, made a short speech. He mentioned the contributions made by the member cement producers to the construction of technical and vocational high schools in their districts up to this time. “ Now, TÇMB is establishing the first Cement Technical and Industrial Vocational High School in the country, built with a cost of around 14 million USD, which will provide a new opportunity for the young people having interest in the sector. This is a 4-year vocational high school which will provide training in the areas of construction, air conditioning and electrics-electronics technologies, in addition to the normal high school curriculum”.

Inauguration by the Minister

The opening ceremonies for the school took place on 12 December 2009 with the attendance of Mrs.Nimet Çubukçu, Minister of Education, and Muammer Güler, Governer of İstanbul and the school was officially handed over to the Ministry of Education.

The school occupies 15 304 m2  closed area constructed in a 20 000 m2 building plot 
allocated by the Governership of İstanbul. Some details of the concrete work are as follows:

Inside the building:

8.800 cubicmeter of C 35 concrete,
31.000 squaremeter of exposed concrete formwork

Outside the building:

(Including the parking place, ceremonial area, open basketball/voleyball court, outside walls)
1.500 cubicmeter of C 25 concrete,
1.100 cubicmeter of C 35 concrete,
3.500 squaremeter of exposed concrete formwork

The school designed by architects Bünyamin DERMAN and Cem İLHAN has a unique and special architectural and engineering features. Although the building seems to have a very compact monolithic plan, it has a very involute and rich plan scheme. This can only be discovered by experiencing the life within the building.The spatial organization is not only a previously made decision but also the result of the topography and the demand.

The building can be considered as a cultural centre due to the variety of the functions provided. Besides the classrooms and the management places which satisfy the essential requirements, the building has a conference hall with a capacity of 400 people, exhibition ground, lobby, studios, laboratories and a library. So a rich atmosphere is provided for education activities. The design is based upon a "life backbone" theme. The life at school and the buildings which compose the organization are related to this spine and the open spaces.The link between the living spaces is designed as a promenade.

The inner courts have a positive impact to protect the surrounding against the wind in the winter and the direct sun light in the summer. So, microclimatized indoor and outdoor places are designed by leveraging the passive sunlight control principles.

TÇMB and the cement sector will continue to support the school through its operational stage so that the training it provides will set an example for the other similar vocational schools. In the future, depending on the financial capabilities of the sector, similar projects may be realized in the other cities.




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