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14th TÇMB International Technical Seminar And Exhibition Held In Antalya
Eklenme tarihi: 20 KASIM 2017 - Okunma Sayısı: 834
Notable representatives of the cement sector, the locomotive of Turkey’s economy, from Turkey and the world, came together in Antalya.

14th of the International  Technical  Seminar  and  Exhibition organized biennially by Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association (TÇMB) since 1987, in which the latest developments in cement  technology are shared, was held this year with 576 participants in Antalya on  October 10-13, 2017.

In the organization where the issues of Alternative Fuel and Raw Material Utilization, Energy  Optimization, and Use of Renewable Energy as well as the current topics regarding the sector were handled under the main heading of “Frugal Innovation”, M. Şefik Tüzün, Chairman of the Board of Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association, İsmail Bulut, CEO  of Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association, Dr. Eduard Bolshakov, Head of Russian Builders  Association Cement Committee, Dr. Breja, Co-Director of Indian Cement and  Construction Materials National Council and Giuseppe Schlitzer, CEO of Italian Cement Producers’  Association gave opening speeches.
M. Şefik Tüzün, Chairman of the TÇMB stated in his speech that the Turkish Cement sector one of the lead actor of development and growth for more than 100 years in Turkey, has been presently the first producer in Europe and fourth most significant producer in the world. Tüzün also invited attention that the principle spearheading the Turkish cement sector is “sustainability” in environmental, economic, and social grounds. He stated that the Turkish Cement Sector is the banner-bearing sector in the promotion of a sustainable growth being aware of its environmental responsibilities.
When it comes to the efficient use of energy resources, Tüzün said, “Through the mission that we have undertaken, we are enhancing the use of renewable energy by using the state-of-the-art technologies. Presently, our Plants are producing the electricity that would correspond to the daily electricity consumption of 400,000 households thanks to the WHR (Waste Heat Recovery) technology in their cement plants without receiving incentives. It is because as the sector, we are in a huge lunge regarding the utilization of wastes as fuel, raw material, and admixtures. We believe that a world order where no waste is present or wastes are minimized or a waste out of a production process can be used as raw material or admixture in another production process, and we are and we will continue to be working for it. Such endeavors of our sector are providing positive contribution to our national commitments in view of the fight against the climate change.”

Representatives of the Cement Sectors of Russia, India, and Italy: “We are proud of being in the most important seminar of the world.”
Stating that Russia and Turkey are main partners in trade, Dr. Eduard Bolshakov, Russian  Builders Association Cement Committee Head, called attention to the fact that nearly 100 Turkish companies are operating in Russia and stated that the relations must continue by getting stronger and stronger.
Dr. Breja, Co-Director of Indian Cement and Construction Materials National Council, expressed that the economies of India and Turkey are growing almost in the same proportions and said that they have been experiencing a similar growth in the cement sector and that they are realizing 125 million-ton annual production in their facilities.
Giuseppe Schlitzer, CEO of Italian Cement Producers Association, specified that they, as the country, are continuing to experience the impacts of the comprehensive economic crisis encountered in Europe and that such condition pose negative impacts on the infrastructure investments in Italy.
In the event that started with the Welcome Cocktail on 10 October under the sponsorship of GCP Applied Technologies, 22 companies participated with their technical presentations on October 11-12, 2017.
Alexios Pantelias, International Finance Institution (IFC) Energy and Resource Director, who attended as an invited speaker, made a presentation titled “Global Efficiency Applications, Waste Recovery (WHR) and Alternative Fuels.” Another invited speaker, Frank Branvoll, European Cement Association (CEMBUREAU) Energy, Economy Studies, and Statistics Manager, made a presentation titled, “Energy Market, Waste Fuel Coal and Present State and Future Predictions on the Basis of Petroleum Coke.”
In the most selected seminar of the Turkish cement sector bringing together the Cement Sector with the companies providing cement technology, 131 companies took part with their booths and totally 576 participants were achieved.
The introduction of the “FISSAC Project,” the abbreviation of Promotion of Industrial Symbiosis through the Expanded Structure Value Chain for the Sustainable Resource-Incentive Industries, which was created by the TÇMB R&D Institute and supported by the European Commission, was conducted at TÇMB’s booth and the project was welcomed with high interest by both the participants from the sector and the companies with booths.
Ersel Heavy Machines was the Gala Sponsor of the event while Remsan Refractory, ABB, Aybars Machines, BP Castrol, and CHRYSO acted as the other sponsors and SIEMENS as the digitalization sponsor of the event.
ALITinform, Cement International, Cementürk, Global Cement, International Cement Review, Industrial Angles, Intercem, Journal Cement, Tandem, World Cement, and ZKG were the media partners participated in the seminar with their attendees and booths.
The comprehensive event supported by the Arab Cement Association (AUCBM) was completed successfully.



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